Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Felcities 9/26/09

It is that time of the week again. FRIDAY! Time to honor our God and the lovely Nattie-Pie by signing the Mr. Linky on Becky's Blog and listing our happies on our own blogs.

Friday Felicities

Main Artery
Keeping my grocery list on my iPod
Funny things my kids say
Sharing favorite books with my boys
Our new "Grateful Journal" routine
Chatting with Mary Stewart when I go by the church
Creative Design meeting yesterday
CS Lewis
Grey's Premiere
Corey took the kids to school today
Corey picked the kids UP from school yesterday
Movie night with my hubby tonight
The Polsgrove yard sale tomorrow AM (I love yard sales)
French Pedicure
Blossoming friendships
Catching up on Disciple
Looking forward to The Way of the Mystics
Talking books with Camille
My favorite hidey-hole at church

It was a good week. But not. Once again, despite a week when I felt sickly and stressed-out, I have a TON of happies to list... more than usual. Candle flames just seem to sparkle brighter in the darkness.



  1. I miss my home church sometimes, I had a cool hidey hole there :) xo

  2. They do tend to do that . . . thank God!

    What movie did you see? And The Way of the Mystics sounds amazing; is that Upper Room, by chance?


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