Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Felcities 9/26/09

It is that time of the week again. FRIDAY! Time to honor our God and the lovely Nattie-Pie by signing the Mr. Linky on Becky's Blog and listing our happies on our own blogs.

Friday Felicities

Main Artery
Keeping my grocery list on my iPod
Funny things my kids say
Sharing favorite books with my boys
Our new "Grateful Journal" routine
Chatting with Mary Stewart when I go by the church
Creative Design meeting yesterday
CS Lewis
Grey's Premiere
Corey took the kids to school today
Corey picked the kids UP from school yesterday
Movie night with my hubby tonight
The Polsgrove yard sale tomorrow AM (I love yard sales)
French Pedicure
Blossoming friendships
Catching up on Disciple
Looking forward to The Way of the Mystics
Talking books with Camille
My favorite hidey-hole at church

It was a good week. But not. Once again, despite a week when I felt sickly and stressed-out, I have a TON of happies to list... more than usual. Candle flames just seem to sparkle brighter in the darkness.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Currently: September 2009

Current Books: I just finished reading You Were Always Mom's Favorite by Deborah Tannen. Good book. Tannen writes about sisters and how their language reflects their relationship. I enjoyed it. Now I am reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Wiener. It reminds me a little of Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. Amanda suggested it and then Leila gave me her copy. Sarah Vance lent me Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, so I will read that soon. And I just got the space trilogy (C S Lewis) in the mail from Mandy and The Singer by Calvin Miller from Bookmooch. During my writing sessions, I am reading Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg.

Current Playlist: I am on a Derek Webb kick, craving his new album. I want to download it from so that I can get the uncensored version. Also, I just burned some Jamie Randolf and the Darkhorse onto a CD for the van. Jeff sent me some of their stuff and I like them. Especially "Pirate Girl."

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Current Color: Dark blue denim

Current Fetish: Lyrics

Current Drink: Way too much Diet Pepsi

Current Food: I had my first ever bowl of shrimp & grits yesterday, and it was heaven in a bowl. (THANKS DESI!)

Current Favorite Favorite: My pretty french pedicure. Mostly because getting it was so much fun (imagine about 10 women in the salon, all together, giggling)

Current Wishlist: This and This and This and This and This

Current Needs: Gotta sort through our dental insurance paperwork and see which local dentist to make an appointment with. And I could use someone to fix the a/c in my van.

Current Triumph: I did some mega-cleaning and organizing this week.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Did I mention the a/c not working in my van? Of course, I should not worry about that. Plenty of people out there who don't have reliable transportation at all... who have no a/c in their homes... or no homes.

Current Celebrity Crush: Henry Cavill

Current Indulgence: I slept for 12 hours last night. WOW!

Current Mood: Mostly good.

Current #1 Blessing: A husband who supports me in so many ways.

Current Slang or Saying: "Just Sayin'" after seeing that Daily Show clip where they make fun of CNN.

Current Outfit: Ann Taylor jeans, brown Jones New York tee, hair in a pony tail and barefoot

Current Link:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Under 5

Totally snitching this from Cheri.

5 things that can make me happy for under 5 dollars...

  1. 24oz Diet Pepsi
  2. Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
  3. Used Books
  4. Breve Steamer with vanilla and 2 packs of honey (Starbucks)
  5. Fresh new notebooks

I'm a happy girl.


Monday, September 14, 2009


Sometimes I journal in my notebook. Sometimes I write poems. I sometimes I scribble down quick notes to myself or words that I want to remember for later. I also use my notebook for writing practice and prayer. It is a mishmash of life, much like my blog, only more personal.

Snippets from my Notebook:

Some days
I live in Recluse, Wyoming.
Next to the sky, all big things look so small.

I don't feel like swimming today, but watching my boys in the water is fulfilling in another way.

In this town
I always see her shadow.

You either make dust or you eat it. - Coffee Mug

If you see a man on top of a mountain, you can bet he didn't just light there. - Coach Rupp, UK

My head is full of thoughts. They just don't come out as good poems very often,
it seems. I think too much. I can't stop thinking.

Genesis 3 - "know" = "experience"

Today, I gave away
a poem.

Our heads are round so that thoughts can change direction.
-Francis Picabia, Painter & Poet

I spent lots of time shopping and planning so that I would always have the right things to hide behind - Shauna Niequist

The smell of my passion fruit & guava candle takes me back to our first
month in Tupelo.

Weak King Henry gave his power away in an effort to prove it his.

Lucifer's pride is deep cancer.

I walked in on a revival
being held between two women
and one God.

She drew in a deep breath
of nicotine
as she drove past me

I remember the pink bedspread in the room I shared with Carrie...

Why is there only half a fence
around that house
on Green Street?

My shoes are dirty from an earlier walk across a damp field.

Brief little pieces of my thoughts. I may type up some of my writing practice pieces. I did a few this week.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Felcities 9/11/09

Ya know, what a perfect thing to post on September 11th. The little things in life that I am grateful for this week. Life itself. Please join us in remembering Natalie by signing the Mr. Linky at Becky's with your own list of happies.

Friday Felicities

Ice cream
Garden Salsa Sun Chips
Being able to email Haydn's teacher
Dr. Bell liking my devotions
Reading silly poems to the kids
The way God uses dreams
My helpful husband
Bag of goodies from Leila
Harry the Potter with friends


Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Felcities 9/4/09

Finding my favorite professor in Facebook
Going through old poetry
The Tudors while I fold laundry
the labyrinth at St James Catholic Church
Plans with Cat and Leila for tomorrow
Lifeway trip with the husband
Learning new words
Seven jeans for $40
Teaching Haydn the word "variety"
Itty bitty ice creams, dropped off by a beautiful friend
God's blessing in our friends' lives
John Mark McMillan lyrics
What are your happies this week? What things make each day a bit brighter? Share on your blog and then sign the Mr. Link over at Becky's Blog. :) This is done each Friday, in memory of the beautiful Natalie, who taught me to see the blessings in my days.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


At last, we come to Laodicea. This has to be the most quoted letter from Revelation. It is the "lukewarm" section of scripture. In The Message, at the start of this letter, Jesus is referred to as "God's Yes." I love that.

So, the lukewarm. These people aren't exactly hypocrites - not in the same way He wrote about in the other letters. They are simply satisfied with themselves. They no longer see their need for God. I relate this, today, to the Religious Checklist people. They go to church on Sunday so they can check that off their list. It is part of their routine. They are good people. They give to charity and check that off their list as well. They say a prayer and check the list. Their relationship with Christ has shriveled up to nothing, but they are okay with that most days. Life is pretty good. They get by.

But God loves them. He doesn't want to lose them to this boring existence. He wants them to turn to Him, to run to Him. And, because He loves them and knows what is best for them, He will do whatever it takes to get their attention again.

He stands at the door. He knocks. Will you answer?


Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing
through the churches. (Rev 3:22)

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