Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Will Get What's Coming To You

The last letter in chapter 2 of Revelations is to the church at Thyatira. As a writer, I just want to share that I love the phrase, in The Message, that describes the angel for this church: eyes pouring fire-blaze. I wish I had written that.

Again, the letter starts with praise. Look at all the people are doing for Christ! They are faithful and are serving others. They persevere. He is impressed. However, there is a "Jezebel" in their midst, a false prophetess. Let me point out that the problem is not her gender. Jesus did not have John write, "How dare you allow a woman to prophesy and teach?!" No, the problem is in what she teaches. She is leading people astray and no one is doing anything to stop her. God is about to stop her. Here is a chilling line from the letter, "Then every church will know that appearances don't impress me. I x-ray every motive and make sure you get what's coming to you." *shivers* EVERY motive? I'll be honest here; my every motive has not been good. I don't WANT what is coming to me in some cases. You?

Don't worry, though, He goes on to say to those not involved in this "outrage." Life will not get harder for the innocent bystanders. No, He will reward the conquerors. I pray to be a conqueror.


Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches. (Rev 2:29)

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