Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Felcities 8/14/09

In honor of Natalie. Join us at Becky's Blog.
Friday Felicities
Psalm 139
Scripture from Cat
A budding friendship (AIMEE!)
Note from Cheri
Raigan telling Corey I am her labyrinth-friend
New red streaks in my hair
Time with my sister, last week
Greeting cards galore, to send
Card from Meredith, in the mail
diet Pepsi
Breakfast with hubby and kids
Laughing at Marie Antoinette (movie)
I could name so many this week. Isn't that something? It was a rough week... maybe the roughest week of the whole year, and yet I have seen more blessings than I could begin to count. Life is funny like that, huh?

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  1. Life IS funny that way. Sending you some LOVE today!


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