Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uncle Greg

Please send up a few prayers for my family today, if you are the praying type. Mom just called to tell me my Uncle Greg has been diagnosed with cancer. At this point, I have very little information, but I will be there to see him soon.

Uncle Greg is a part of so many happy memories in my life. One of my favorite memories of Granny is when she would beat him with her purse for cussing in her presence. *snicker* I love an old gal who can still kick when she wants to. Granny never did lose her spirit.

Greg is a favorite to all of his nieces and nephews. He has bounced back from more than his fair share of struggles already, and I am feeling confident he will conquer this one as well. Still, my stepdad is pretty worried and shaken up, which has set his blood pressure on the rise. This is his BABY brother, and I know I would be a wreck if my baby sister were suffering like this. Please pray for his sense of peace and confidence in whatever the future may hold. I am praying that he will feel strong so that he can be the big brother I know he wants to be. The sibling relationship is more important than we can ever imagine. It is a picture of how God created all of humanity to be... family.


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