Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stage IV

Stage IV could have lots of meanings. It could mean I am going to see a play at a cool new theater. It could be that our church is moving forward in a planning schedule. It could have something to do with a TV studio.

Unfortunately, it means my Uncle's cancer has spread. A lot.

Mom called and gave me this news yesterday. I wasn't able to say it out loud until yesterday evening. It took me until this morning to say it out loud to Corey. It feels quite unreal, honestly. Just... unreal. I am swiftly moved back in time... sitting here... reading Natalie's latest update... cancer. I am taken back to the couch in my sister-in-law's living room, where I was when I got the text with a single word, "inoperable." I am taken back to my bedroom in Brandon, where I woke to a call from Dana and news that I knew before I even answered the phone.

Sometimes, loss seems inevitable. But, we fight anyway. We fight, because we are made that way. Because we were created to live, and we will do anything to live. We fight, because we have to. There seems to be no other way. We fight because there are people we love and don't want to leave. There are still things to say, hugs to give, talks to have. There are jokes to tell and movies to see and flowers to pick. So we will fight.

We will fight.


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