Friday, July 3, 2009


Savannah is 9 years old now. One year from double-digits and a couple more years from the teen phase. WOW! It is always amazing to me when I see Savannah's facial expressions on my boys' faces and when I hear her giggle coming from Haydn's mouth. Savannah is not my biological child and Corey and I don't get to see her nearly enough, but she is clearly a part of our family. David asks for her almost daily. When we are blessed by a visit with her, she and Haydn become inseparable. She actually plays more roughly than the boys, if that is possible. She flings herself at her Daddy in full knowledge that he will catch her and will not let her be hurt.

Thanks to my stepdad, I know a thing or two about what a girl does and does not want from a stepparent. For instance, I know I am not her mother. She has a mom who loves her very much, and she loves her mom very much. But I can still love her and treat her as if she were my own. It is a fine line, but one worth walking on. I wanted my stepdad to love me, respect me, and treat me just as well as his daughter, but I never wanted him to replace my daddy. So, I try to do this for Savannah, as much as possible. I also make sure she gets time for just her and Daddy. He got to take her to dinner and a movie for Valentine's Day. Also, there is always a place for her in our home. She does not have to sleep on the couch or the floor. She has her own room and her own bed. Girls need their privacy from little brothers.

Savannah is a brilliant little girl. Like Haydn, she is a thinker. You can see the gears moving behind her eyes when she gets quiet. She has long curly blond hair and looks almost identical to a picture of Corey's sister that hangs in my in-laws' living room. She loves books and I love buying them for her. She is full of laughter and energy. She is my Webkinz buddy. Once, we went shopping together and got pink ponies. She named hers Heather and I named mine Savannah and we send each other notes and gifts through our Webkins accounts. She is the only reason I keep up a Webkinz account.

We don't get to see her as often as we'd like. But, we do pray for her and her mommy everyday. The boys have even done a labyrinth walk praying for Savannah. They love their big sister.

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