Thursday, July 30, 2009


am: content today.

think: a lot about what God is doing in our lives right now - where He is leading us.

know: who I am and who my friends are.

hate: that so many people are so riddled with hate.

don't: want to see my husband hurting anymore.

can't: fix it.

will: trust God for the "how."

won't: worry about tomorrow, for today has enough worry of its own.

miss: having my four best friends within miles of my house.

fear: it being my fault.

feel: so full of so much, and I want to write it all down and share it all with everyone.

hear: Haydn playing in the living room.

smell: popcorn from the rainy day movie time.

wonder: what I will write here in a year.

regret: only things I didn't do or didn't say.

love: my husband more and more each day. I know that sounds cheesy and cliche, but it is true.

dream: strange things that I tend to remember in spurts throughout the day.

care: about my sons and my stepdaughter, my husband and my family, unborn babies, neglected children, hurting people, broken relationships...

always: feel like I need to be doing more.

am not: sure what God is up to, but I am along for the ride.

believe: that God keeps His promises.

sing: loud, with the Wicked soundtrack, in my van

smile: a lot.

laugh: often. It is good for you.

collect: Oz stuff.

play: Bejeweled 2 on my iPod.

write: poetry.

await: reunion.

cook: some.

trust: my husband.

intend: to be faithful.

search: for Heaven.

look: younger than I am, I guess. But I am happy with my appearance, most days.

shout: to be heard above the roar.

whisper: in church, to tell my kids to sit still.

conquer: worries.

listen: to the still small voice on the breeze.

live: every single day.

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