Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Haydn is 7 years old now. So far, 7 is my favorite age. Especially with Haydn. He is such a thinker.

For example, let me tell you about a conversation we had recently. At VBS, they had talked about Moses. So, I was telling the boys about the plagues as we drove to the 2nd day of VBS. Little boys LOVE the plagues. Frogs and bugs and blood. It is, really, a small male's dream come true.

The hardest plague to explain was the death of the firstborn. Let's be honest, most Bible stories, in their full form, are not things we would typically be explaining to our children. But I did my best to tell him how the Pharaoh's son died and how, later, God's son would die as well. Yes, I attempted symbolism and foreshadowing with a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old. I knew David wouldn't get it, but Haydn usually is beyond his age in such matters.

Later, after VBS was finished for the day and we were back at home, I was cooking dinner and the boys had been playing with their Legos. Haydn walked into the kitchen, sat down at the table and announced that he needed to talk to me about Moses. Sensing a God-sent opportunity, I paused my meal and knelt beside him. He wanted to know more about the parallelism of the death of the firstborns and the death of Jesus, so we talked about that. Then, he asked how Jesus could make our sins disappear. I explained that Jesus was perfect and when He died and was brought back to life, it gave us the blessing of having Him in our hearts, if we want Him there. I asked if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart.

"Not yet."

That was his answer. This is the second time he has asked deep questions about Jesus and then answered , "Not yet." I am okay with this. He is thinking. That is my favorite thing about MY firstborn. He's a thinker.


  1. I was 7 when I started thinking deeply about God and accepted Christ. How awesome!!!

  2. Love it! I also cannot believe my little friend is 7 years old!! I bet he doesn't even remember his "first girlfriend." :)


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