Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Felcities 7/3/09

Becky made this beautiful new graphic for the Friday Felicities Meme. Beck is so talented. She is also the lovely lady who made my blog header.

So, here we are again. Another Friday. This summer is flying by. I am glad fro these Friday reminders of all the little happies in my life. Natalie was so good at being thankful for her blessings, even in the middle of divorce and depression and financial struggles, struggles with her son's health and with school and work and ... Nat had a rough time of it, but she kept her eyes on Jesus. Always on Jesus. So, in her memory, on Fridays, we continue the Meme she began and we post our daily happies on our blogs. Please, join us.

Friday Felicities

Diet Coke
Church courtyard
Swimming with the boys
Wicked soundtrack
Texting with Renee
Design team meeting at Nancy's

Honestly, I have had so many blessing this week. I don't know how I could manage to list them all.


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