Thursday, July 2, 2009


David is 5 years old now. I find this hard to believe, since he is my baby. He will be starting kindergarten in the fall. He is definitely ready. This is a kid who loves knowledge. He wants to know everything. He asks so many questions that sometimes my head spins. He wants to know what we will be doing every minute of every day. He wants to know what his brother is doing when he is at school. He asks, almost daily, when he can see Savannah again. He repeats questions to be sure he has the information correct. And, he requires a lot of verbal validation. He will tell me something and end with, "right, Mama?" Or he will do something and immediately turn to say, "Did you see, Mom? Were you watching?"

I am sure he will do well in school. He is already teacher's pet in Sunday School and preschool. One teacher told me he was the only kid in the class who knew Jesus was from Nazareth. I can't take too much credit for this. We do talk about God and the Bible a lot, and he goes to youth and hears his Daddy talk too. But, he also pays attention in "big" church on Sunday and when we watch movies or read stories. He just seems to crave knowledge. I can relate to this. My daddy says I have a rabid curiosity. T'is true. I love seeing this trait passed onto my child.

I just wish I had all the answers for him.



  1. it's so cool to hear that your kids are brainy like u ;) so cool!

  2. So sweet. I love these two posts - that talk about how special and individual your sons are!


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