Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Felcities 6/19/09

It's FRIDAY! Woot and happy day! A mostly quiet day here. Media at church this AM and I need to clean the van out. My dog is fighting with a kernel of his dog food. He throws it in the air, growls at it, chases it... Strange mutt.

Anyway, as usual, on Friday, it is time to honor my God and my Nattie-Pie by sharing some of the happies in my life. Please join us by dropping by Becky's Blog.

Friday Felicities

My 1-inch picture frame (that is another blog post of its own)
Last weekends' retreat
Plans for seeing friends soon
Listening to audio books with the boys
Sitting by a pool with a book
Writing poems
Lines that stop me out of nowhere and insist on being written down
Bookmarks in the mail from Pattie
My cousin's grad invite arriving
Wonderful women who pray together and for each other
Pic of Haydn & Savannah as phone background


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