Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did and Did Not

Things I Did Today

Had wonderful time on phone with hubby
Stopped by the Post Office to mail parcels
Had a lovely chat with a postal worker
Put gas in my car and bought a Diet Coke
Spoke to Jennifer on the phone
Wandered the Fondren
Bought Gap jeans for $10 at The Orange Peel
Browsed in Old Navy
Browsed in shoe store
Ate lunch at Chicfila
Hugged Rachel G
Chatted with Heather Black
Got a hug from Hunter
Read more of Zelda
Read a chapter in PoemCrazy while sitting in Borders
Gazed at an atlas
Wrote down place names in my notebook
Wrote two poems using place names
Texted with my sister, Rachel M, and Blair
Drove back to Leila's house
Checked my email
Read blessed message from Raigan
Wrote this list

Things I Did Not Do Today

Play the 'what if' game
Feel sad
Get angry
Break up a fight between my sons
Tell anyone to be quiet
Wish I were someone/somewhere else
Hate anyone
Eat too much
Spend too much
Feel guilty
Feel scared

Yeah, that list could go on a while.


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