Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Blessing of Friendship

Yesterday, Leila and I went shopping. We can be such girls sometimes. On the drive back from North Ridgeland, we talked. Our conversation covered our own pet sins, our limitations in serving God and others, money, the love of money, carrying one another's burdens, depression, divorce, friendship, and that thin line between being in the world and being of the world.

I love these conversations. I love having friends who can talk about such a wide array of topics and share so much of themselves without fear. I love being able to do the same. True friendship is such a wonderful picture of how God loves us.

I am enjoying my vacation. I am reading and writing and talking with friends. I am letting my mind rest a bit, and it is a much needed rest. I tend to try too hard to fix everything in the lives of those I love. This week, I am not trying to fix anyone. Not even myself. I am just relaxing, going with the flow of each day.

May your week be blessed, as mine is.


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  1. Friends are such a blessing! There is really nothing like them, those that stand by you and with whom you can share anything~ a wonderful gift from God!

    Blessings beloved~


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