Friday, April 24, 2009

Reversal of Destiny

I wish there was some way to keep the people I love from being hurt. Over the years, I have seen a particular situation hurt my husband's heart again and again. I have seen him try and try to make it right and nothing ever seems to get any better. It is hard to realize how powerless I am in this and other such situations. Prayer is my weapon. It is a powerful weapon, but it often feels less than.

Emotion is not a true measure of God's movement.

Beth Moore recently said, in the Esther study, that when God seems the most absent, that is when He is the most present (my paraphrase). God's name appears nowhere in the book of Esther. Yet, as we read it, thousands of years later, His hand is so clearly on Esther and Mordecai. We can see God moving where they felt powerless and scared. And, also in the story of Esther, things kept getting worse and worse before they ever got better.

Beth Moore labeled it a "Reversal of Destiny." Life seems to be hurdling fast in one direction and then... GOD. He turns it around, 180 degrees.

At this point, we're only praying for a 90 degree turn, but I'll take that 180. I'll take anything God will give, and I think Corey feels the same.

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