Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Books - Day 37

Almost there, right? These last days are hard, though. I mean, I pass cheesy self-help books in Walmart and find myself staring longingly. I hate cheesy self-help books. But, I can do this. Just a few more days till Easter.

Listening to Corinne Bailey Rae... "Girl Put Your Records On." It is just a good song. Makes me want to dance languidly around my kitchen. Makes me wish for a summer day, with the windows open and a good friend to share it with.

I think I need a trip to Brandon soon. Some girlfriend time. But, this weekend is Easter. The next weekend is Hill Top, so Corey will be busybusybusy. Maybe the next weekend? Must discuss this with Corey and Brandon friends, see what works.

I am feeling really good about my new doctor. His nurse spent 20 years in Psychiatry and helped with an Adult ADHD study. It is nice to know this office has experience. I feel safe, and that goes a long way to helping me get better. I feel confident about my course of treatment. I know I was listened to. *sigh of relief*

Apparently my thoughts are coming in short spurts today. My allergies are still a mess. I am about to try to catch a nap before running the rest of my errands.

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