Friday, April 10, 2009

No Books - 2 Days Till Easter!

This morning, I was thinking about what I had hoped to get from this 40 day book fast and comparing it to what I am actually getting, as we near the end. My goals, once I knew God was definitely directing me to give up pleasure reading for Lent, included things like: Reading my Bible more, getting housework done in a more timely manner and playing with the children on a more regular basis.

The Bible reading was hit and miss. Some days I read more and some days I didn't. Conclusion? It isn't novels that are keeping me from reading my Bible. It's my priorities and lack of time management skills. Part of me wants to blame the ADHD for these failings, but I have a bible on my iPod, so I really could read anytime and anywhere. ADHD explains why I struggle, but does not excuse me from continuing the battle.

Housework? Um... It's about the same. Again, I must conclude that reading is not what is keeping me from doing housework. An unpleasant chore is an unpleasant chore, with or without books in my life.

I have spent more time with Corey and the kids over the last 40 days. I am more likely to cook dinner and eat with Corey. I am more likely to watch a TV show with him as well. I talk to the boys more. I build things out of Legos and K'nex with them. I am still not as good at this as their Daddy is, but I am working on it.

Mostly, what I have learned, is that I CAN live without books. I still don't want to, but I can. If you had asked me, a couple of months ago, to make a list of Things I Cannot Live Without, Books would have been at the top. Now, I would say: Prayer, Fellowship, Quiet....

Two days till Easter!

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