Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My name has never had any special meaning. There was a character on a soap opera, General Hospital, I believe, that was named Heather. My mom liked the name and didn't know anyone else with that name, so that is what she chose for me. Well, now, a lot of other people seemed to have had the idea at the same time. My name is far from unique. And all it means is "flowering heather." Blah. I have always wished my name had a deeper meaning.

Well over a year ago, it occurred to me that my name is like the flower of the same name, so maybe I should look at what that flower is like to find a meaning for my name. I don't know much about the heather flower, other than: it is purple and grows on the moors (I learned that from Emily Dickinson). I looked it up when this first popped into my head, but I was working full-time and never got around to blogging it. Here goes. :)

According to one site I found, the heather flower blooms in late summer. This makes sense to me. I prefer warm weather. When the flowers wilt and turn brown, they don't always fall off. They tend to stay on the plant all winter. Oh boy, can I relate to that. I cling to old emotions and ideas much longer than I should. They seem to hang on me, and I feel so heavy sometimes.

Not sure what I think about this fact:

The scientific name, Calluna vulgaris, in general, came from Calluna from the
Greek Kallune - to clean or brush, as the twigs were used for making brooms and
vulgaris from Latin, meaning common.

Ohh.. Heather is a usual ingredient in traditional Swedish healing mixtures. I like that, being a part of something that heals. Heather is sometimes known as Ling, which comes from a word for fire and means fuel. I also like this meaning. To heal and to fuel. I want to be a person who fits this description.

The plant also has a high reproductive rate. *snicker*

Some advice on growing Heathers:

  • Heathers prefer full sun and well-drained, acidic soil, and they need protection from cold winter winds.
  • The addition of a little non-burning fertilizer, mixed into the planting soil, will encourage new root growth.
  • Heather must be planted in soil that is well drained, they will not tolerate continual wet feet.
  • The Heather plants should be pruned each year immediately after they have finished flowering, which results in additional flowers the following year.
  • A good feeding fertilizer is required. Poor foliage color, or stunted growth would indicate the need for feeding.
I found this information on THIS WEBSITE.

I like that I have found new meaning in my name. Healing fuel.


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