Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Felicities 4/17/09

It is FRIDAY! Woo hoo! This is the time of year I start looking forward to summer. Why? I dunno. Halfway through summer, I will be praying for school to start. Anyhow, it is time for Friday Felicities in memory of Nattie-Pie! Run over to Becky's site to check it out.

Friday Felicities
  • Haydn showing us around his school
  • Greeting cards
  • Reading again
  • Sleeping in
  • Running into friends in Walmart
  • Lunches with old friends
  • Lunches with new friends
  • Lunches with the handsome hubster
  • Hot tamales
  • My lounge chair
  • Beautiful weather
  • Gift certificate for a free pedicure from an anonymous angel


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