Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had a dream last night. In it, I was very worried about balance. This is normal for me. I am often complaining that I cannot seem to balance anything in my life. I am prone to extremes in one direction or another. In this dream, someone was telling me, "If your balance is off, you have to check the foundation." Immediately, I thought of our neighbor's house and the problem they have had with snakes burrowing down around their foundation. Then, I thought of a house we lived in, briefly, about 5 years ago. The foundation was slanted. The whole house tilted forward. Throughout this dream, I was seeing images of concrete with cracks in it, etc...

I woke up with this still heavy on my mind. If something is off in my life, perhaps I need to look at the foundation. Where am I rooting myself? In God and the Word or in myself and my own needs? Have I let snakes get to my foundation? Are their cracks that need mending? Am I leaning a little too far in one direction?

If the top is unbalanced, you may need to look at the bottom.


  1. So what does that say about my very vivid dream the other night that I was swimming with an alligator that very much wanted to eat me? I've never swam so fast in my my dreams.


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