Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Books - Day 25

I am beyond fantasies to actually finding myself shaky at the thought of another 2 weeks sans books. Seriously. Not that I am quitting. I feel too guilty about even my reading fantasies to pick up a book before Easter. I did, however, walk into the church library today and FONDLE the books.

I praise God for the audio books I got to listen to on our long drives to and from South Carolina, but it is not the same. Thank you Anne Lamott, Ann Brashares and Adrienne Martini for making my trip not quite the third level of hell it can easily become (this is also partially due to 3 hours of hanging out with the beautiful Cheri, mid-drive). I have to say, of these books, Adrienne's Hillbilly Gothic was my favorite. (((TARA! READ THIS BOOK!))) It is her memoir of motherhood and madness in the hills of Appalachia. Sound familiar? I spent the whole book going, "YES! That's right! Me too!"

Still, what I want is a book. A hard-copy with real pages I can turn and turn back. I want to underline and highlight and read parts out loud to my hubby. I want to take the book to bed with me and fall asleep with a story in my head.

Ok, I am done whining and complaining. Just a couple of weeks to go. I made it this far.

*deep breathing*

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  1. LOL!!! I immediately wrote it down - in my PHONE no less - so I can look for it.


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