Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Books - Day 12 & 13

Yesterday was Day 12 without books. I was grumpy. I really really really really really really really wanted to curl up in bed with a good book and ignore my life for a while. I didn't though. I didn't even go to sleep. I made dinner. Corey and I played Boom Blox on the Wii. I lost... a lot. But it was fun anyhow.

Today is Day 13. It was a fun day. I was exhausted this morning, and I did lie back down for an hour after dropping Haydn off at school. I had a stressful dream that was like being in an action movie. I was being chased. Crazy stuff. But, once I took David to school, I drove to Rebecca's house, and we got started making cookies.

Our small group is studying Esther and this is the week when the Jewish Holy Day of Purim is celebrated. We made a traditional recipe that Beth Moore included in her Bible Study workbook. Haman's Ears cookies. The dough was yummy all by itself. We cut it into circles, added a dollop of preserves to the center of each circle and then folded them into triangles. Our first batch was iffy but we got better as we went along. However, we chose strawberry and raspberry preserves and, combining the bright red jelly with those curvy triangles made them look like uterus cookies. How... appetizing?

We divided the cookies up into bags and stapled a church business card to each ziplock baggie. Then, we each took half of the cookies to hand out as we ran afternoon errands. Bag #1 went to a teacher who helped Haydn into the van when I picked him up from school. Bags #2 and #3 went to people in Alltel, when I went in to pay our bill. Bag #4 was given to a man sitting in his car, in the parking lot, as we left Alltel.

We had one bag left and I offered to let Haydn take it into a gas station and hand it to a cashier. He was excited to do this. I didn't think to prep him with something to say to the lady as he handed her the bag. I let him walk in alone and feel like a big boy. When she asked him what the cookies were for, he remembered me explaining them in Alltel and said, "They're for Jewish Day."

Oh goodness.

We are having a party tonight, to watch One Night with the King and eat and drink and celebrate. :)

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