Thursday, March 26, 2009

Currently During Lent

Current Book(s): Well, no actual books, but I did just "read" Hillbilly Gothic by Adrienne Martini, 3 Willows by Ann Brashares and Plan B by Anne Lamott, via audio book on my trip to and from Mom's. Currently, while I am at the gym, I have How To Raise Children for Fun and Profit by Jill Conner Browne on my iPod.

Current Playlist: Just audio books. The boys and I are listening to The Indian in the Cupboard in the van.

Current Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Food. I am trying to be healthier, but I love food so much.

Current color(s): It is SPRING! I love Spring colors.

Current Fetish: Movies that I loved as a child or that I think my children will love now. We have started a weekly movie night, the boys and I, while Corey has class on Tuesdays. This week, we watched Holes.

Current Drink: Diet Pepsi. But, I had a REAL Pepsi yesterday. It tasted so good.

Current Food: Cesar salads from Newk's. I blame Mary for this.

Current Favorite Favorite: Memoir-esque writing/audio-books.

Current Wishlist: Dental work, A plane ticket to go see my older sister in LA, an armband case for my iTouch...

Current Needs: The aforementioned dental work

Current Triumph(s): Making it to day 26 without giving in and reading a book. Making it to the top 25 out of 300 or so entries in a poetry contest.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: My ADHD brain, female hormones, the distance between friends.

Current Celebrity Crush: Still crushless.

Current Indulgence: Hot Tamales candy. Mary gave a box to the boys. Haydn doesn't like them and David can only eat one at a time, here and there, so I am sneaking them from the box myself.

Current Mood: Right this moment, I feel okay.

Current #1 Blessing: Corey, hands down. I do not deserve that wonderful man.

Current slang or saying: Today, I have been chanting - in my head - one of my life mottos: He has not let me down before, and He isn't about to start now.

Current Outfit: Still in white pants and a green tank, after a bike ride at the gym.

Current Excitement: I have gotten to pray over 2 baby bellies in the past month and I find out in a week who wins the poetry contest I entered.

Current Link: Mother Letter Project

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  1. I think you're doing great, and part of the "depression" is likely that you are denying yourself stuff you love. We've only 2 weeks left in Lent.


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