Sunday, February 15, 2009

Praying for Granddaddy

This morning, our service ended with prayer stations, anointing and the laying on of hands. I have always craved to be part of a church that practices these things, so it was a blessing just to be there. We sat up front, b/c I was participating in the service (I let Raigan paint me red, but that is another story), so I had a close view of everyone filing forward to be prayed over and touched with the oil. For a bit, I was content to just watch. The Spirit was obviously moving in the room, and it felt so good.

I asked Haydn if he wanted to go forward for prayer and he said no. At first, he wanted to go up front, but then he realized it wasn't communion (they weren't "handing out bread," as he put it), so he decided to stay seated. David, however, wanted to go. We filed around the room and got in line to go up front. Off to the side, there was a third kneeling rail where members of the prayer ministry were waiting. No one was there. David pointed it out to me and said, "Mama, there is a space." I let him walk over there, trailing behind, curious to see what was going through his little mind. Normally, he just follows me, kneels when I kneel, etc... He knelt before one of the women and she asked what he wanted prayer for. I held my breath. So many things could come out of a 4-year-old's mouth. What he said was...

"My granddaddy."

And I cried.

He has not been told how sick Granddaddy is. He just knows. He has been around him and feels it. He senses the things we do not say. He is named for his Great Granddaddy. Charles is David's first name. I fell in love with Granddaddy the moment I met the man. He is simply an amazing man.

I was struggling with being a mom this morning, driving to church. I was out of patience and frustrated with my children and myself. I felt broken. God gave me that moment at the altar with David. I needed that.


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