Friday, February 27, 2009

No Books - Day 2

Well, I survived the first day, though not without some whining to the husband. He is terrified that I am going to make the next 40 days miserable for him as well. I won't. I promise. I am just having some trouble adjusting. A part of me feels like I shouldn't even be posting here about the experience because of the whole "do in secret" thing, but I feel like I need the accountability.

As expected, the hardest part of yesterday was lunch. I had a gift card to Tellini's, so I stopped by and grabbed a to-go order. I could have eaten in, but I was not prepared for dining out without a book. Where do you look while you are eating? It seems so unnatural. Still, waiting on my order was hard too. Just sitting there on the bench, examining my surroundings. And then examining them some more. And some more. Rethinking my order. Rethinking it again. It felt like such a waste of time. I could have gotten lost in a story for a few minutes. And, when I got home with the food, I ended up eating while fiddling online. Will have to work on that.

Carpool line was survivable. I pulled up the Bible app on my iTouch and read some of this week's Disciple (in Genesis). I am still in the repeat weeks, so this is mostly review, but an enjoyable review. Abram's stupid half-lie about Sarai being his sister...  How could the man make that mistake twice? Seriously?

The boys and I watched Arthur and the Invisibles in the evening. I ate dinner while watching with them. Solved that meal problem. Then, we played K'Nex. I don't play with my kids enough. So, we did that until bath time and then I read them a story. I can read to my kids, right? Just a little "I Can Read" book about a girl with a pet monster. Cute.

Corey and I chatted a while and I went to bed at 8PM. Getting up at 4:30 doesn't make for a late night. OH! And I went back to the gym yesterday, after almost 2 weeks of that stupid illness. I did 4.5 miles on the Expresso bike. And I am down 8 lbs from the beginning of the year.

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