Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Apologize in Advance

My thoughts are disjointed, so this post will be also. I apologize in advance.

I am starting (again) Disciple I, Thursday, at 5:15 AM. God help us all. Can I really wake up that early? Not just wake up that early, but shower and go OUT and then hold intelligent conversation about the Old Testament? I have always wanted to be a morning person, but no amount of WANTING it to be so has made it magically happen. Oh well, here goes nothing.

I am on week two of the latest Beth Moore Bible Study, Esther. It is more laid back than a typical Beth Moore study, but I understand why. She is going along with the traditional celebration of Esther (Purim) and it's celebratory, party-like, feel. This study involves more humor and community than any other I have done by her. I am learning a lot and sharing with a great little group of women. I have been praying to make friends here, and this study has already been helpful in that. I am looking forward to knowing Rebecca better, enjoying Desi's spirit, as I was told I would, and also excited about what Dot can teach us from her experiences. It is a God-ordained group, I am sure.

Yesterday, Haydn's fever spiked. He threw up a few times Friday night, as well. So, today, as soon as the Urgent Care clinic opened, I took him. We waited two hours (not bad, since they were predicting a 3-hour wait when we went in) and spent 30 minutes with a great doctor. Turns out, his wife is going to our church 50% of the time. He is Episcopalian. They are going on the Mexico mission trip, this summer, and I am contemplating the same trip. That one is up to God, though.

Anna Karenina... I picked it up again, since I finished Home to Holly Springs. I am having trouble focusing, so I may try reading it in smaller portions. Part of my problem is I don't like Anna. I do not find her a sympathetic character. She annoys me, as does Vronksy. I am not convinced of some great love affair. Only silliness and selfishness. Not that I can't relate to sinful temptations. The world abounds with them, and we all have our weaknesses. She doesn't annoy me because she has chosen to commit adultery. Something about her, in general, just grates my nerves. I do love Dolly though. And I am fond of Levin. I even like Anna's husband quite well. My mind just isn't grasping the language well today. So I picked up Pretties by Scott Westerfeld. I have been meaning to read it. I also plan to get my hands on Inkheart soon. Rachel suggested I read it, and then Dana said the main girl reminds her of me, so I am already hooked. Rachel and Dana both have excellent taste in books. And Dana fed my ego. Hee hee.

I am working some on my family scrapbook, right now, while I am between albums. I finished Leila's grade school book and have not gotten the pictures to start her high school volume yet. So the Cricut and I are playing with pictures of the boys. So much fun. I cannot wait to get another cartridge. I have almost worn out the cutting mat that came with it, too. Good thing they aren't uber expensive.

Five more days, and I can run away to a lakeside cabin with 4 girlfriends, deer meat taco soup, and Italian cream cake.

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