Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Felicities 2/6/09

It's that time again! Friday is here. FRIDAY!! I am doing the happy dance, even though you can't see me. Why? Because I slept in this morning, and I saw a movie with a girlfriend and all 4 of my Brandon Girls are headed this way tonight for the ENTIRE weekend.

Yup. I am a happy person today.

And, it is time to honor my Nattie-Pie's memory by participating in Friday Felicities. *grins*

Looking forward to a happy event
Not feeling numb
Laughing at a movie with Rebecca
Small prettily wrapped presents
My hot pink sweater
Nap time
My boys' big blue eyes
Coming home to my wonderful husband, last night

What little things make you happy?


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  1. Ok, AGAIN, just to make sure... if my cousin plans my baby shower for Saturday March 21st around 2ish, you can make it, right?!?


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