Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Felicities 2/27/09

Happy Friday! Cause Fridays are always happy right? I have training at the Parkgate Clinic from 10-3, so I am fiddling this morning for a bit and then heading out. Chatting with an old friend from high school who is in Afghanistan. What a crazy world we live in. Facebook makes the whole world your own personal small town.

Head over to Becky's and join us in the memorial Meme for Nat:

Friday Felicities

The Kentucky mug Amanda gave me
hot chocolate Kristen gave us for Christmas
Haydn dressing himself for school
Going to bed at 8 PM if I feel like it
Huge comfy sweatshirts
Conversations with my hubby before bed
Watching a DVD with the boys and laughing with them

Have a great weekend!

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