Monday, February 9, 2009

Communicating in the Silence

What a wonderful weekend. I don't think I can do it justice in a blog post. A few of the things we did...
  • Played Mad Gab
  • Went to Olive Garden
  • Shopped at Tuesday Morning
  • Ate cake
  • Read old letters
  • Did a whirlwind Elvis Tour
  • Walked in the Garden of Hope
  • Stopped at Starbucks
  • Ate at Cracker Barrell
  • Sat around talking
  • Giggled
  • Made two trips to Walmart
The thing about time with my girlfriends is... it doesn't much matter what we do. Being together is the thing. These three days, for us, produced plenty of new inside jokes and reasons to laugh at ourselves later. That would have happened regardless of our list of activities. I think this is one of the best things about friendship. It is WHO you are and not WHAT you do. Because, I can't always do the big events. I don't have the money for exotic travel or lots of concerts, etc... We don't even all have the same interests anyway. Leila and Cat are training to run a half marathon. I am a bookworm. We each have our own hobbies and activities. Some of these overlap and some do not. But, when we are together, we will find plenty to do and plenty to enjoy.

There is just something untouchable about sitting down next to your best friend, putting your head on her shoulder, and not having to say a word. You just know one another. You know what she is struggling with in this life, and she knows what you are fighting as well. You know the events worth celebrating, and you know the tears that have been shed. All of these emotions and moments are swirled there inside both of you, and communication happens in the silence.

So, I had a good weekend. I hope the girls had a good weekend as well. I have a ton of pictures up at Facebook and am uploading them to Flickr as well.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time - maybe we could get together soon. I don't know about the 14th though, I'm thinking maybe Dick has something planned. :D


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