Tuesday, February 3, 2009

99 Powerful Questions (81-96)

81. What are the three biggest priorities in my life? God, Family, Friends

82. Who are the most important people in the world to me? My husband and children, my family, my friends who are like family.

83. Who loves me? Who cares for me? Corey loves me. More than I deserve.

84. Are my living and work areas organized in a way that serves me well? Somewhat. I love to organize things, but finding that line where I can still use the items without ruining the organization can be hard. And, when I get one area working well, it seems that another area falls apart.

85. Do I have a healthy lifestyle? No. I am making small changes though. Baby steps.

86. Am I carrying any emotional baggage? Aren't we all? I am constantly finding new tote bags and suitcases to hand over to God, like He is my personal valet or something.

87. Have I let go of the mistakes I’ve made in the past? For the most part.

88. Do I give myself permission to fail? No.

89. Do I learn from my mistakes? Usually. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

90. Do I rebound quickly when something goes wrong? Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not. I wish I knew how to predict this.

91. Do my beliefs serve me well? Yes. They give me direction for my daily life and my overall life-plan. They give me answers for small and large questions. My beliefs offer me comfort and also kick my butt on a regular basis.

92. Do I need to relax the rules I’ve set for myself and for others? No. I need to be harsher with myself on some rules. Seriously.

93. What childhood dreams have I been neglecting? To become a famous writer. :) To be on stage regularly.

94. Where have I been giving my power over to others? I am not sure. I think, maybe, I try too hard to have all of the power myself. That results in needless stress and no power to speak of, except the power to be miserable.

95. What do I need to do in order to regain my power? Let go.

95. Who are my role models? Jesus. My Mother. Louise. Cathie Jo. Francis Savage.

96. Am I being authentic? Do I allow myself to be me? Am I trying to be somebody I’m not? I am usually a pretty authentic person. Sometimes I try to be more me than I am, if that makes sense. I have this picture in my head of "Perfect Me," and I try too hard to be her or else get discouraged that I can't be her and run in the opposite direction.

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