Thursday, February 5, 2009

13 Quotes from Esther Study

I am doing the Esther study that Beth Moore has put out, along with a group of women from my church. In honor of the Thursday Thirteen, I thought it would be fun to share 13 quotes that I have taken from this study. Some are from the study guide and some come from the video sessions.
  1. God's love of a great story is extravagantly evident in the narrative that makes up over 40% of the Bible.
  2. Don't just wait and see. Live and see.
  3. Esther's the wrong book for a Bible student too pious for a party.
  4. It's tough being a woman in a world where beauty is a treatment. (video)
  5. Ironically, no one feels more pressured to look good than those who already do.
  6. Esther managed to walk the fine line of moderation without making others feel judged because they didn't.
  7. People who resist following an earthyly authority's instructions, hedging and minimizing behind the superior's back, aren't apt to follow God's commands either, despite an insistance to the contrary.
  8. the God who sees and who is by no means limited to one channel of favor toward you.
  9. Meanness always has a history. (video)
  10. Anger is power to those who do not think they have any other source for it. (video)
  11. ...nothing takes more discipline than giving someone information without telling them what to do with it.
  12. ...a rare woman indeed is beautiful from a male perspective and favored by other women.
  13. A world is mean, because people are mean in it. (video)
And, a bonus quote from today's session (really, a restatement of #9)...
Nobody is mean out of nowhere. (video)
Today was the best session yet. Lots ot chew on and some serious convictions on my anger issues. Now, to apply the things I have learned. Why is that always the hard part?


PS Apparently Thursday Thirteen is no more. How did I miss that?

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