Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Felicities 1/23/09

This week has been so strange. Corey is still sick and hurting pretty bad, but he took David with him to Alabama to visit his family. Granddaddy isn't doing so well, and he wanted to help his Mama out some and assess the situation. Assess because, when Granddaddy passes, Corey will be called upon to do the funeral. He is the funeral man in the family. So, he did that, and I had Haydn here. Haydn and I get along fine when it is just us. People tell you not to wish those baby days away, that you will miss them. Maybe in many years, I will. Right now, I am very glad to see the kids grow up. I am a better mother to school-age children. I enjoy Haydn as a 1st grader in a way I never did before. I am hoping the same thing for David.

Anywho, Corey came back with David, Weds night - late, and he is still sick. He worked all day yesterday. He will go into the office for a bit this morning and then take Haydn with him to Camp Wesley Pines to speak for some event. So, I will be down to one kid again. Leila and Matt are headed to Booneville, so I am hoping to see Leila this weekend.

Friday Felicities (more info)

Sausage balls
Russian names
Visits from best friends
Flair and Bumper Stickers on Facebook
Sleeping through the night
Sleeping late in the morning
Corey taking a kid with him
Finishing a good book
Discovering the Garden of Hope
Facebook Chat with Cat
65 degree weather

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. I love the new background!! Sorry Corey has been so sick!

  2. I ordered you a lil bday surprise but it wouldn't let me attach a note! So just know Forever21 is from me. ;) Love u!


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