Saturday, January 31, 2009

99 Powerful Questions (61-80)

61. Do I keep the promises I make to myself? HA! I am way more likely to break a promise to myself than ANYONE else. Looking at my own answer there, I feel ashamed. I tell my teen girls to treat themselves as they would treat their very best friend. And, here I am, falling down on the job.

62. Do I keep the promises I make to others? I do. Does that mean I never let anyone down? No. I am not so perfect. But, I will work hard to keep a promise.

63. For my life to be perfect, what would have to change? Me

64. What am I most looking forward to right now? This Friday, when the girls drive up from Brandon. Cat, Leila, Emily, Amanda and I are getting a cabin for the weekend. RETREAT! Laughter and fun and probably some crying and some serious talks too.

65. What activities do I perform that give me the least joy? Do they really need doing? Can I delegate or pay someone else to do them? No I cannot pay someone else to do my most hated chores. Delegate? Yes, somewhat. The boys have recently learned to put away their own clean laundry, after I fold it. David will help me any way I ask him to. As they get older, they will take on more defined chores.

66. How can I simplify my life? Spend more time with my husband and kids and less time worrying about stuff. STUFF. I am always getting rid of stuff in an effort to simplify.

67. Do I see myself as a creative person? I do. Some days I feel more creative than others, but creativity is definitely one of my strengths, and I thank God for that. It brings me a great deal of happiness.

68. Do I allow myself to be creative? I DO! Though I don't make enough time for it. Or, rather, I have the time but don't utilize it properly. I am bad at time management and prioritizing. Hello, I am ADHD, nice to meet you.

69. Can I be spontaneous? I can, but not the way I could be pre-kids. So often, things take SO MUCH planning that I lose the impulse that got me started and just quit. I am a starter. I love beginnings.

70. Am I too critical of myself? Aren't we all?

71. Am I too critical of others? I can get in overly critical moods, but generally I am a pretty liberal lover of other people. Unless they are fictional characters on TV or in books. I can criticize fake people like crazy.

72. Do I look at problems from several different angles and perspectives? I TRY to, but no, I don't often manage it. I can when it isn't MY problem, usually. But when it is MY problem, then I get stuck in MY perspective.

73. What have I accomplished? Absolutely nothing. But, God has done some amazing stuff in my life.

74. What are the major sources of stress in my life? It is always finances. Wondering if we will ever pay off any debt and not have to worry paycheck to paycheck. Corey thinks I don't stress about these things, but I do. I just don't like to let him know that I do. I feel like he has enough pressure without MY worries on top.

75. How can I reduce stress in my life? Spend more time in meditation. Think before I speak/act more often.

76. Do I know where my money is going? To Walmart. I am single-handedly paying the CEO's salary, by now.

77. Do I have a handle on my finances? Corey handles our money and I am proud of how his mind works in that respect. He can figure out numbers and percentages and how to pay this and that debt off most effectively, etc...

78. Do I have a financial plan for the future? Do what Corey says. LOL!

79. Do I know where my time is going? Too much of it to the laptop. Not enough to my family.

80. Have I created an efficient time management system for myself? HA! That is funny.

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