Saturday, January 24, 2009

99 Powerful Questions (46-60)

46. What would I do if I had no fear? Take a hip hop dance class. Write a lot more. Work harder at publishing.

47. What would I do if money were not an object? Travel a LOT. Give a lot of money away. Buy my husband a Mustang.

48. What excuses am I making? I don't have the money. I don't have the follow-through. I have kids.

49. Do I enjoy what I do on a daily basis? Some of it. I enjoy the interaction with friends and the ministery stuff I am involved in. I enjoy learning and reading and crafting. I don't enjoy cleaning or driving kids to and from places or being in charge of discipline.

50. Am I on the right path? Most days, sure. I have a bad habit of stopping for naps or taking excursions off the trail.

51. Am I kind to myself? Sometimes I am too kind to myself. Other times I am too hard on myself. I am not good at finding the middle ground. Perhaps it should have been my year of balance.

52. Am I kind to others? Yes.

53. Do I take things for granted? Certainly. I take my husband and kids for granted all the time. Not that I am PROUD of this, but I have to admit it is true. I also am prone to taking my parents for granted.

54. Am I doing what matters most right now? Yes. But am I doing it well? I don't think so.

55. Is there an area in my life that needs more attention? My parenting.

56. Do I make the best use of my time? Not at all. Better than I did before my 6 months of working full-time, but I still spend too much time on the computer and too little time with my husband and children.

57. What can I do right now that would make the biggest difference in my life? Find a way to enjoy time with my children. Become a morning person.

58. What am I avoiding? Myself. Growing up.

59. What am I tolerating/putting up with? My scatterbrained self.

60. Do I have specific, measurable goals with clear deadlines? Nope. When I make those, I end up missing the deadlines and beating myself up over it.

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