Wednesday, January 14, 2009

99 Powerful Questions (26-35)

26. Do I constantly dwell on the past? I used to. Now, there are parts of my past that come back to me in haunting realness. Usually brought by music or conversations with old friends.

27. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me? Yes. I HATE this about myself, but if you are someone I care about, then your mood is bound to affect my mood. I am the most affected by Corey's moods. If I sense the TINIEST bit of frustration from him, my day takes a nosedive. I have not found a solution for this.

28. Do I forgive myself? Mostly. Yes.

29. Do I smile often? I do. It is wonderful to have reason to smile.

30. Do I laugh often? Again, I do. YAY! 2008 was my Year of Laughter, remember? I now look for all sorts of reasons to laugh.

31. Do I surround myself with positive, life-affirming people who want the best for me? I try to, and I usually succeed. I am rebuilding this, now that we have moved to Tupelo. I am meeting wonderful people, and I seek out those who seem to like me and enjoy me as well as I enjoy them.

32. Am I a positive, life-affirming person? I think so. I do have my moods, but those are generally limited to myself. I try to be loving and encouraging to those I meet each day. It goes with my life theme: "Love God and Love Neighbor."

33. Am I giving enough time to nurturing/replenishing myself? Yes and no. The amount of time is not the problem. My managing of the time is an issue. I take time but end up doing nothing of use with it.

34. What is my secret ambition? To be known and loved for my writing, to perform peices I write on a regular basis. I doubt this is a secret though.

35. What do I want to be remembered for at the end of my life? Loving God and Loving Neighbor.

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