Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jesus is Alive!

Yesterday, as I was driving to pick Haydn up from school, David was riding in the backseat. As usual, we started the trip off with a prayer. My kids are used to praying when we get in the van to go somewhere. Especially if we are going to school. They are so used to it that when I started driving Emma to school (when we lived in Brandon) Haydn would make sure I prayed over her before dropping them off. He wanted me to “Pray for Emma so she would have a good day.” These aren’t prayers heavy in theology. We thank God for the new day and ask Him to bless our loved ones. We always pray for Savannah and her mom to also have a good day and for Savannah to know how much we love her and miss her. According to the mood in the van, I may pray for specific events or people. In general, though, these are short prayers.

Well, yesterday, I finished one of these prayers with, “Thank You Jesus, Amen.” David immediately asked, “Mommy, why did you talk to Jesus.” I explained that Jesus is who we are talking to when we pray. He paused a minute and said, “I thought Jesus died on the cross.” Logic is beginning to turn wheels in this 4-year-old's brain. I explained that Jesus DID die on the cross, but that He came back to life.

My son’s reaction?

He cheered. Hooping and hollering. “Yay! Jesus is alive.”

We did go on to talk about why this all happened, etc… But, what I will always remember from this conversation is the genuine joy that overcame David when he realized Jesus is alive. That joy is our joy. It is what I need to be embracing everyday.


PS This is the same kid who told his brother, “You can NOT do whatever you want to do. Only Mommies and Daddies can!”

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